As an indicator of the prevalence of low back pain (LBP) in Australia, the results of a 2001 research survey of 3,000 Australian adults found that 79.2% of respondents had experienced back pain during their lifetime and in the preceding six months -

  • 42.6% had experienced low intensity pain with low disability
  • A further 21.4 had experienced high intensity pain
  • Of that 21.4%, about half had suffered high levels of disability

If you are suffering from an acute attack of low back pain and sciatica or have a history of chronic pain or recurrent attacks, please call Eastland Family Chiropractic on 03 9095 7990 for an initial consultation to assess your symptoms and to discover the cause of the problem in your case.

Studies Conclude That Chiropractic is The Most Effective Treatment!

  • A 1997 study by Van Tulder et al. concluded that Chiropractic adjustments are a better treatment for low back pain than the most usual method of treatment by a GP (bed rest, pain killers and massage)
  • A 2000 study by Nyiendo et al. published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics stated that patients with low back pain who had been treated with Chiropractic care were all much happier with the results and showed a bigger improvement one month after treatment began than those treated by a family doctor.
  • The Manga Reoport of 1993 states that "for the management of low-back pain, Chiropractic care is the most effective treatment" and goes on to say that "it should be fully integrated into the Government's Health Care system".

There are many other studies that point to the same conclusion - Chiropractic is an extremely effective treatment for back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment at Eastland

Doctors of Chiropractic Tracey Lademann, Deborah Leask and Lauren Longstaff use Applied Kinesiology techniques to get on top of the problem very quickly and may see patients twice a day for the first couple of days (although she stresses that patients are never charged for these second visits). This approach is all part of the ethos at Eastland of treating patients holistically, with gentle, effective Chiropractic techniques that bring real results and relief from pain without the use of drugs.

Chiropractic for Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many women use Chiropractic care at Eastland Family Chiropractic throughout their pregnancies and afterward. All treatment is gentle, safe, effective and, above all, completely drug free. Chiropractic can help with the low back pain common in pregnancy as the baby grows. Eastland Chiropractors use the Webster Technique that is so helpful in aligning the pelvis, enabling the baby to get into the correct position for delivery.

Effective Treatment Without Drugs

Physicians may recommend a short period of two or three days bed rest to relieve the pain of sciatica, they may also prescribe anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant and pain relieving medications that may have side effects such as nausea, stomach cramps, 'brain fog' and sleepiness making it dangerous to drive or operate machinery.

The Council on Chiropractic Guidance and Practice Parameters in the United States, (CCGPP) report that there is strong evidence supporting the facts that chiropractic manipulation increase the function and reduces the symptoms of both acute and sub-acute pain of the lower back and that mobilization and manipulation is effective in reducing pain and improving function of chronic back pain.

The self-help exercises your Chiropractor can provide will, in addition help to speed recovery, produce better outcomes and make recurrences of back pain less frequent.

In addition, the CCGPP reports that Chiropractic manipulation can also help with the radiating leg pain, radiculopathy, or sciatica that is so common with low back pain.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Back pain affects every area of our lives, it prevents us doing those daily living activities we take for granted and from enjoying sport. It costs us money in terms of lost working days and in chronic cases, can lead to depression, isolation and a reliance on medications.

Although Chiropractic care is not suitable for everyone, it is suitable, effective and produces better outcomes more quickly, for the vast majority of people. The detailed intake form and comprehensive assessment for new patients at Eastland will establish whether it is right for you.

Even if you have tried other treatments that have not helped, please call us today on 03 9095 7990 and take the first step to getting relief from the misery of low back pain and sciatica.

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