Neuroimpulse technique, or protocol (NIP) is a system in which, the initial assessment follows strict guidelines in order to understand exactly how a patient’s nervous system is functioning so that the primary cause of the problem can be determined and treated with gentle, effective, low-force Chiropractic techniques.

How Does Neuroimpulse Technique Work?

One of the principle concepts in this method of treatment is ‘dysafferentiation’. This simply means that because of pain or injury, the messages received by the brain are out of balance. Instead of being predominantly ‘mechanoreception’, (the healthy movement information that ‘tells’ the brain that everything is fine), the balance swings in favour of ‘nociception’, the information that ‘tells’ the brain that there is injury or damage and which may increase your aches and pains, causing increased muscle weakness, spasms or tightening and reduce the normal range of joint motion

What To Expect

An NIP assessment might include reflex and muscle tests as well as tests to determine the range of motion in the joints throughout your body. Once the exact cause is pin-pointed it can be treated using only gentle, but highly effective Chiropractic techniques that should see normal nerve function restored and a significant increase in your range of movement and muscle strength after treatment.

Because it is so gentle and avoids the use of force on any joints, it is safe for everyone – including children and the elderly. To find out more or to arrange an initial Neuroimpulse technique assessment, please call us at Eastland Family Chiropractic on 03 9095 7990 and learn how this gentle treatment can get you moving again.

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