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    The Philosophy of Chiropractic

    The chiropractic perspective on health and disease is different than that of modern medicine and operates in a unique philosophy. The chiropractic philosophy is a combination of critical thinking, open-mindedness and recognition of the natural order of things. It focuses on the relationship between patients and their environment conducive to a functional well-being. While there have been studies conducted showing conflicting results, chiropractic is well established in countries like Australia, the U.S., and Canada. As a form of alternative medicine, here are the top ten reasons why you should consider chiropractic care:

    • To improve overall health
    • To improve balance and coordination
    • To improve organic functions–heart, digestive organs, etc.
    • To increase resistance to disease
    • To increase flexibility and joint functioning
    • To relieve pressure on nerves
    • To prevent spinal disc degeneration
    • To reduce chronic pain
    • To reduce stress
    • To improve posture

    The philosophy of chiropractic is based upon the fact that the body is able to heal itself. Our body seeks to maintain homeostasis or a balanced state, which enables us to adapt in stressful situations both externally and internally. This is the reason why we sweat when we are hot and shiver when we are cold.

    Daniel David Palmer first coined the term chiropractic, which means ‘a practice done by hand’ in 1895. He is the father of chiropractic science and the first to establish the cause and effect relationship between spinal subluxations and dysfunction of the nervous system. He concluded that when interference of nervous transmissions was eliminated by adjusting the vertebrae, the body could heal itself after returning to balance. With this analysis, chiropractic was born.

    Chiropractic is a natural approach that does not use drugs or surgery, but rather focuses on maintaining wellness and vitality of the body’s structure and function. Although chiropractic care shares much with the conventional or “allopathic” medicine, which focuses on curing illness through surgery and pharmaceuticals, the application of philosophy separates it from modern medicine. Thus, properly aligned bones are clear signals of communication between the body and the brain, resulting to a healthier body. On the other side of the coin, chiropractic holds the philosophy that misalignments of the spine can contribute to health problems and affect the body’s ability to function. Fortunately, misalignments can be corrected through chiropractic therapy and that optimizing health can be done naturally by hands-on care.

    The primary avenue of chiropractic care is the manipulation of the spine and the nervous system. This is the way to optimize health and not just to relieve pain and other health related problems. Chiropractic care involves adjustment which means looking into irritations along the spine by manually repositioning these joints. Chiropractors touch the spine to detect misalignments or partial dislocation of the vertebrae. When a misalignment is found, there is interference in the transmission of nerve signals to the organs, muscles and other part of the body resulting in health problems. Consequently, healing is impaired as the body cannot adapt easily to stress.

    Chiropractors are licensed professionals trained to diagnose and care for patients who seek chiropractic care for headaches, back pain, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, and sports injuries, as well as non-musculoskeletal conditions such as asthma, digestive disorders and allergies. The goal of every chiropractor is to allow the body to heal itself through spinal manipulation or correction of the misaligned vertebrae as well as reduce the pressure on the nerves.

    There are more than 100 chiropractic techniques used specifically to correct a particular spine, adjust an entire spine or just the extremities, and more. It is best to consult your chiropractor and inquire which method is best for your condition.















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