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    A common injury, a common solution Say goodbye to shoulder and arm pain

    When you consider the large range of injuries and problems that can occur in the shoulder and arm region, it’s no wonder that one of the most common areas treated by chiropractors is, in fact, the shoulder. Whether it’s repetitive motion which has caused an injury, a sudden blow, or sporting injury, the fact of the matter is that arm and shoulder pain can be troublesome and even debilitating for those suffering from such an issue.

    Poor sleeping position, constant use of hand held devices, such as phones or gaming devices, or even carrying excessively heavy bags, these are all possible causes for shoulder and arm pain, or even referred pain from the upper back and neck. Even the younger generations are reporting problems in this area, probably from carrying heavy school bags, or those aforementioned hand held gaming devices.

    Here at Eastland Chiropractic we are highly experienced in identifying and treating a wide range of shoulder and arm-related problems, after thorough consultation and examination. Ringwood chiropractor, Tracey Lademann, has years of experience in dealing with such problems, and the successful chiropractic methods to right such issues. Put simply, there is no good reason to live with such pain.

    So, just what kind of injuries can cause shoulder and arm pain?

    It can simply be a pull or a trapped nerve, which is relatively easy to correct, but it could be something a little more complicated. A common injury pertains to the rotator cuff. A tear can cause severe pain on movement; equally, a frozen shoulder is a very common problem, which can get progressively worse over time. You’ve probably heard of tendonitis, or even bursitis, which are both problems linked to overuse or repetitive strain. The list goes on, with arthritis, dislocation, and even referred pain from another area and injury.

    How can you treat shoulder and arm pain?

    Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of shoulder and arm pain, after identification of the actual cause of the pain. Treatment could involve adjustments to the spine, ensuring nerves aren’t trapped, and that joints are aligned. Gentle exercises and mobilisation of the joints and muscles restores balance, reduces pain, and helps improve range of movement. When used in conjunction with exercises to continue at home, sleeping position advice, and proper posture, the results can be very pleasing indeed.

    If you have experienced pain in your shoulder which has lasted for more than a few days, you have noticed weakness in the shoulder or arm, or a restricted range of movement, with swelling, bruising, or heat in the area, then don’t hesitate to call the practice now on 03 9095 7990 to arrange an appointment.

    There are many routes of treatment for this particular problem, and chiropractic treatment is certainly very popular and successful in reducing pain and discomfort, helping sufferers free themselves from problematic pain and restricted movement.

    Don’t suffer for a second longer, call today.





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